My Overtime - mobile time tracking app

My Overtime - mobile time tracking app

Time on the job

Time on the job

Log your break time

Log your break time

Time and attendance

Time and attendance

At work

At work

Log on the go

Log on the go

Log activities

Log activities

Log work from home

Log work from home

My Overtime - record working hours and overtime

Working time control with your mobile phone - the easy way with My Overtime

Our app for mobile time recording offers an affordable and fast solution for recording working times and calculating overtime based on the defined weekly working hours. In addition, various reports make it easy to report your time & attendance and overtime build-up to your employer. Simply download it from your mobile phone and make your daily routines easier and more efficient. A great alternative to excel and timecards! Download our popular app today and find out how it can improve your daily routine!


You'll love it

What began with a rudimentary app has developed into a comprehensive tool with which thousands of users make their everyday lives easier. With My Overtime's time tracking concept, we offer you a reliable little helper with tons of settings and customization options, which work for most jobs & industries.


My Overtime - a handy little helper for your daily time tracking!

Check out these features

Lots of features to log your working day the easy way!

Logging your time

Get a daily tally of time logged against offset

Check in your start time and record your working day on the go or update time entries manually. Get your total daily balance on the go. Optional timer mode and alerts settings. 

Configure your work week

Let the app calculate your overtime balance

For jobs with a regular week, easily configure daily standard working hours (offsets) and apply overtime conditions for late hours and weekends. Configures optional alerts when hours exceed offsets. This is your calculation basis for daily balances and overtime accruals. 

Define activity names

Track different tasks & activities

Perhaps you would like to divide your working hours into tasks & projects beyond time & attendance. Simply copy your activities and adapt the format. Tap to configure the timesheet input format for each activity name (flat or detail, breaks and hourly rates). 

Define templates

Is your workday repetitive?

If you have regular working days you can save a referenced working day as a template and readily insert it when needed. The app provides various template examples of different ways to record your working days including break times and flat input style. Simply update these or create your own.

Reports & Statistics

Query your accumulated overtime at any time

View all time entries in different detailed and summary reports. Select data ranges, save & forward your results in PDF, Excel or CSV. Download detailed data history to your computer for additional analysis as desired. Claim your overtime and forward your detailed report as evidence!

Absences and Vacation

Keep an eye on your vacation bank

Log leaves & absences such as illness, accident, vacation or other absences. You can also set up your vacation quota & credit (vacation bank), record vacation days taken and check your remaining credit and send it as a report.

Common questions

How often are there updates for the app?

For optimizations (increasing user-friendliness) and further innovations (send us your suggestions) we set ourselves a goal of twice a year. For critical and compliance errors that obstruct input (e.g. the app crashes when recording the time, the time picker not working), we offer updates within 36 hours. 

I know of other apps with similar promises. Why is your app the best?

We have thousands of users. Check our rating and user comments in the app stores. Our app has been further developed for years thanks to inputs from long-term users. Our app is designed for time recording from an employee's perspective and covers the standards of many industries and professions. 

Sounds great, but what can this app actually do?

The app is geared towards time & attendance recording for employees with the standard 5-day working week. That said, the many settings enable applying bonus hours for night shift and weekends or on-call rates. You can also log business travel and expenses. If you don't have daily offsets you can log weekly or monthly offsets using the templates provided. Conveniently record your working times and report your overtime build-up.

What does the app cost?

The app offers up to 14 time entries for free. With a one-time in-app purchase, you can unlock this restriction. The costs for this are roughly comparable to the price of a coffee at your local coffee bar. An app with a lot of performance at an extremely affordable price. Pricing details can be found in the app's in-app purchase page.

Quick preview

Check out our quick preview but there is lots more just just download it and see for yourself.

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