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In-app purchase options

The purchase of the following items is valid for the life of the app with no additional costs.

In addition, regular free updates are provided to fix errors and optimize user-friendliness.

14 day limit

In the free basic version, up to 14 days of time entries can be recorded. If you like the app you can remove this restriction with an in-app purchase for the price of a coffee! Details can be found on the in-app purchase page of the app.

Send reports

In the basic version, reports can display the results on the screen. With an in-app purchase you can activate the saving and sending of the report results.

Backup planner

In the basic version, data backups can be created manually and sent by email. With an in-app purchase, you can have automatic data backups created with a Dropbox account or locally (Android). Get peace of mind in case your device is lost!

Smart Phone
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The price of this app - a cup of coffee!

an affordable alternative to more expensive tools

Since 2011, My Overtime has made the daily routine of thousands of users easier with customizable settings ultimately supporting your work-life balance!


We want to offer fair pricing for all countries, taking into account the purchasing power of each country. One way to measure this is to ask what a cup of coffee costs on average in a standard coffee bar in your country. In Switzerland, for example, a coffee costs around $4 and in India around $0.30. We use the Google and Apple Store payment systems for in-app payments. While the Google Store allows local prices, the Apple Store only sets prices centrally (I hope Apple is listening).

We have therefore adapted the prices so that unlocking the 14-day limit will not cost more than the price of a coffee at your local coffee bar! In addition, I would like to point out that we are not making a profit on this app. This means that every dollar of income goes towards the further development of this app and ensuring the app stays compliant with changing requirements. We are ad-free! no annoying ads in any of our apps.  


With the limited resources of a two-man team, we spend around 400 hours of work every year programming and testing.

My Overtime App for Download

Download the free basic version for your smartphone now

App Store

The app is available for iPhones and iPads. Any purchase made will apply to all your Apple devices (In-app purchase restore).


For Apple devices

Play Store

The app is available for smartphones and tablets. Any purchase made will apply to all your Android devices (In-app purchase restore).


For Android devices

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Track time with your team

Go beyond personal time tracking and log your project time jointly with team members. Take advantage of our network solution for businesses: Staff Times for Teams.

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